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Hello, my name is Amy and I would like to welcome you to my blog that I set up for my MA in Education in Mater Dei Institute of Education.

The thoughts of setting up an educational blog scared me just a little bit and I did feel overwhelmed to say the least! Looking at other blogs and navigating around the WordPress site definitely helped me feel a little more confident setting up my blog.

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I feel that blogging in Education builds awareness about various issues, shares information and resources for subject specifics and it is a really good way to stay engaged and motivated online as a teacher. Alot of my fellow students crossed the water to England and abroad this year to teach so I decided to include some excellent English and Irish blogs which I found for you to look at.

Ed Blogs is a website dedicated to a growing number of Irish educator blogs. It is interesting to see the amount of primary and post primary blogs out there with plenty of resources and ideas! The tag at the top of the page ‘Challenges’ is also a really interesting way for teachers to communicate about the everyday challenges faced in the classroom and gives little challenges to keep us all motivated!

Teacher Toolkit was established by one post primary teacher Ross Morrison McGill and has reached over 4 million classrooms worldwide and is the most influential blog on education in the UK and one of the leading blogs across the world. Packed with 5-minute plans on topics ranging from interview preparation to parental engagement, this blog has plenty of tips and resources. There’s also lots of information on leadership issues for those doing the MA Strand on Mentoring and Leadership.

David Cutler is a history and journalism teacher and his blog, Spin Education is a fantastic read for educators and mentors.

Laura McInerney taught in London comprehensives for six years. She’s now doing a PhD in education policy and blogs about her research and shares her resources on Laura McInerney Blog.

The blog Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs has fantastic resources and ideas for teachers of learners with special needs.

MuinteoirNua is a Primary school teacher blog but still has some very good resources and information for NQTs out there. She is currently doing a Post Graduate in Trinity College in Technology and Learning and always has great tips for E-Learning. You can follow her on Twitter @muinteoir2013 or on her blog at Subbing Sagas

So this website Teach Secondary is not a blog but does have several contributors so I decided to add it to the list here because it is packed full of resources and tips for teaching!

The website Teach Thought recommends 52 education blogs you should follow 🙂

30 Days to Kick Start Your Blogging: Last year, Edublogs, a great network of teacher blogs, hosted this 30-day challenge. Each day has a new activity which you can include on your blog to get it up and running (if like me, you are only starting!)

Some of the previous MA Students from Mater Dei Institute of Education also have amazing blogs and plenty of ideas and resources for teaching in post primary which include ;

Another useful idea is setting up a Pinterest board for your blog – Pinterest is an amazing app for images and pictures which can be shared. Other sites that I find useful for images is Tumblr and Instagram.

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I hope you enjoy reading some of these blogs like I have! 🙂


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