The Joker’s Social Experiment

When I was teaching about Morality to a Third Year group in January, we came to the section of the Religious Education course Moral Decision Making. I decided to engage the students through a YouTube clip which features a clip from The Dark Knight known as The Joker’s Social Experiment.


I split the class into two groups ; one half of the class represented the citizens on one boat and the other half of the class represented the prisoners on the other boat. I was the Joker and I read out the problem they faced and they discussed amongst themselves what would happen. One person from each group wrote down what the group decided and I collected the group decisions.

The class watched the YouTube clip The Jokers Social Experiment .

I read out what each group wrote previously to the clip and we discussed the reasons behind their decisions and the outcome.

The students really enjoyed this lesson, as did I and I found it really useful for this topic on Morailty.

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