Memo Boards

While I was in Blanchardstown doing a spot of shopping last night, I went into Penneys and spotted these Memo Boards. They come with a little pack of pins and simply stick onto a wall.
image (1)

One example of using memo boards in the classroom is for Assessment for Learning.  The WALT method ‘What are we learning today?’ encourages independent learning, provides accurate feedback and enables students to be accountable for their learning by identifying learning goals and success criteria for a given task. You could identify your learning outcomes in class for the lesson but have these pinned to the first board. On the next board highlight any new words that may arise in the lesson (have these made out already) and on the last board revise the learning outcomes but also highlight anything new the students learned today.

You could stick post its on these Memo Boards reminding students of events or days coming up in class / various class activities / reminders / new words / homework – this list is not exhaustive!

For the price of €1 these memo boards were an absolute bargain and hopefully will prove invaluable as a classroom resource!

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