Good Morning everyone,

I am excited to say #EducationDay is finally here! Today on Twitter, schools, universities, professionals, students, student educators and all other educational institutions across Europe today are invited to celebrate #EducationDay.


This is the first ever #EducationDay and will be an opportunity to discover more about the day to day workings of all educational institutions, share learnings, tips, news, discover careers, resources and so much more – only on Twitter. Absolutely anyone can sign up here and join the conversation through the hashtag #EducationDay today on Twitter.

For teacher or student educators, you could introduce Twitter and its history to the class through this fun, 2 minute YouTube clip called The Illustrated History of Twitter which talks about the establishment of Twitter, it’s growth and recognition worldwide.

Today, if I had to choose one really good account to share for discussion and Religious Education resources it would have be REChatIE which I found to be current and really informative with great links and articles for teaching and learning in the classroom.S16V7A_L_400x400

I have attached a handout I made for students today to celebrate #EducationDay in class which you can download here. This handout encourages students to practice on the Twitter template provided below. You can edit this handout to suit your individual class groups. I also left the task section blank so you can write in your own task for each class. After these handouts are completed, you could perhaps start a discussion in class about the students tweeting today for #EducationDay. Organise a name for your group so everyone can follow the tweets through a classroom Twitter feed (Thank you to my lecturer @donenda for that great tip!)

images (1)

After all, it is the first #EducationDay of its kind and what better way to make it successful in your classroom today than with Tweets from yourself and your students? 🙂

You can also download a Twitter Template here. It is the old format of Twitter but nonetheless one I found students to be very engaged with it and it is a good way to incorporate literacy skills as well as a fun activity based lesson.

I came across a really interesting article last night called 60 Inspiring Examples of Twitter in the classroom and it has some brilliant ideas on how to implement Twitter in your own classroom.download

Let me know what you think if you happen to use any resources linked today 🙂


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