What is Quadblogging?

Two weeks ago, my MA lecturer Enda @donenda assigned us to Quadblog in our Web 2.0 Module through a random generator. It has been so interesting and this week it is my turn to blog so each day I will upload a post or two and try and keep it as interesting as my peers 🙂 You can follow them too at their blog sites and Twitter accounts and let us know what you think of our SquadBlog 🙂

I have really enjoyed learning about quadblogging, taking part in it and how it all began so I have decided to share it all with you in this post.

What is Quadblogging?

Quadblogging is a new term in educational teachnology that has four schools/peoplle blogging in a cycle that helps other people view and comment on students blogs. David Mitchell is the founder of Quadblogging and Deputy Headteacher Heathfield Primary School in Bolton, England, known to most people as @DeputyMitchell as Twitter. He is also a Google Certified Teacher and has won many awards for his work in educational technology over the last few years. He introduced Quadblogging to Heathfield Primary School in December 2009 and it has blown up so much since then with a massive 500,000 pupils from over 50 countries taking part! Heathfield pupils featured live on BBC1 talking about their own experiences of Quadblogging and you can watch the clip here; Heathfield Primary School

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The way Quadblogging works is once a class/user signs up they get entered into a “quad” and then a moderator makes sure things run smoothly. Classes/students will start blogging about a certain topic from a school while others view and comment. Each Quad has a co-ordinator who is responsible for making sure each of the quad members know what is going on and when. The following week another school/class will then blog and others will read/comment and the cycle goes on until all four schools/classes have blogged. Students seem to appreciate the comments and feedback and really want to have good content and become an expert in their chosen topic. Pie Corbett has said that in relation to Quadblogging that ‘’In terms of young children developing as writers this is the most interesting development in the last 20 years” ~ Pie Corbett

QuadBlogging has been mentioned very highly in recent OfSTED Reports in England and has said to offer a “profound impact in developing pupils’ team working, communication and problem-solving skills”. This embodies the Key Skills and 25 Statements of Learning at Junior Cycle. I feel that it would be hugely beneficial to use Quadblogging in your classroom for not only the reasons mentioned above but also with the implementation of the Digital Strategy in all Irish schools next year. Blogging really is a lifelong skill, it enthuses participants in a host of subjects, motivates all types of learners and the best part is that it is FREE!

You can sign up now for yourself or your class using the form linked here

Some frequently asked questions about lessons, timing and more information can also be found here at Quad Blogging Lessons learned.

I cannot wait to incorporate this fantastic FREE educational tool in my classroom in the near future 🙂

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4 thoughts on “What is Quadblogging?

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for writing about your experiences with Quadblogging! It’s great to see you using it so well, not only that, but reflecting upon the experiences too so that others may take your lead and have a go!

    Good luck with your blogging adventures in the future, please do keep in touch!



    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment @Deputy Mitchell – I really appreciate it. As this is only a new educational blog, I will certainly keep you posted on my own adventures of Quadblogging.

      Thank you for such a great educational tool for the classroom.

      Kind Regards,

      Amy Dignam.


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