Splish Splash it’s Sploder!

Happy Monday everyone!

Recently, I was introduced to this site and I feel I really have to share it with as many people as I can because it really is a fantastic FREE resource and has come in handy in so many lessons for me.

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The name of the site is Sploder. The idea of Sploder is a website where anyone can make games online and share them with the world. You are able to make your own type of games with game art, a range of themes and even puzzle games. The best thing about Sploder for me as a new user was that no major programming skill was necessary. All you need when you are on this website is a good imagination for the games that you want to create.

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On their website Sploder says that they ‘believe that the world can be changed by creative people who use their minds to make the world better. By offering a place where people are rewarded for creativity in the context of games and play, we hope to point them toward a path to a more creative future’. This gaming site is fun, engaging and works so well for all types of learners in the classroom. For tutorials and advice on setting up, simply click here. Don’t worry if it takes you a few tries to get it right… I’m still trying myself! It is all about branching out and trying new things – and you’ll never know if you don’t try! However, I would advise teachers to build lesson plans around Sploder to help students get the most out of the provided tools and to assess the students in any given task that you may ask them to complete – for example making a game in less than 30 minutes or an avatar of themselves. It gives structure to the lesson and the students are clear on what they must do in the timeframe provided.

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If you like what you’re reading and you’re considering joining Sploder, for yourself or your class, then you can sign up here at Register and individuals must be over the age of 13 to join. It is very easy once you navigate your way along the site and best of all – it’s FREE! Some of the benefits of Sploder include;

  • Collaboration with your class group and a new way of learning in class
  • Test new game creators before it comes out
  • Share your games to the world
  • Communicate easily with other Sploder users around the world
  • Get the chance to become a staff member on the mainsite
  • Share with your class new games you have created
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  • Sploder also includes;
  • A private messaging system
  • Moderation by Sploder staff
  • Calendar showing upcoming events for the forum
  • Applications to apply for Moderator, Reviewer, and Editor for the main site
  • Official contests such as Supplementary Game Drop (known as SGD), Epic Game Drop (known as EGD), Royal Review Rumble (known as RRR), and Member of the Year (known as MOTY)

Privacy and Safety for Students

Sploder’s community is self-regulating. The website has a team of community members who monitor the site’s content daily. If you have a class group set up on Sploder for example, the social settings can be disabled in the account settings if you wish to have a more private experience. In order to allow for a fast-paced, dynamic online experience, games and comments are automatically allowed and visible. This may be a concern for some teachers/ parents, so the site recommends you to educate your child about online safety. One good suggestion I would have here before beginning the game making process is to draw up a list of internet rules with the class which are visible in the classroom and everyone is clear how to behave online.

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There is no ability for private conversation on Sploder (aside from the forums, which is a separate registration process) so that teachers/ parent moderators and members can report inappropriate or objectionable content. Just to be safe, though, parents/teachers may want to change their child’s profile settings to block comments and the ability to friend other users, since it is quite easy to connect with strangers who have also registered.

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You can see what is new and contact Sploder on Twitter @sploder or Contact Sploder for more information.

As always, let me know what you think of this resource and if you like using it in your classroom or if you have any advice/tips for me 🙂 All feedback is welcome!



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