Being a Newly Qualified Teacher

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A Newly qualified teacher (NQT) is a label attached to teachers in Ireland and the United Kingdom who have been qualified for less than twelve months. I finished college in May 2015 and graduated in November 2015 so I am a newly qualified teacher myself.

When I started subbing in October 2015, I was so nervous about so many little things and my MA classmates reassured me and gave me so many great tips and advice. Your parents and teachers/lecturers will always try and advise you and tell you everything will be fine- but mostly its hearing other teacher’s various experiences in the classroom that will calm you down and make you realise that things will never be as bad as you imagine them to be. Someone might have had a positive or negative classroom experience and sharing definitely helps! I believe that we do lift one another up. I am so thankful for the people in my class and their willingness to share their experiences – as well as being a great bunch of classmates. (You can check out their amazing blogs trending at #5j16 on Twitter)


This post will be based around the question ‘What is your favourite thing about being a Newly Qualified Teacher?’. I would love more teachers to get involved and post their answers on my blog below or on my Twitter @5j15MsDignam. I would also encourage any teacher/educator out there to post motivational quotes/images/articles about education, resources and questions using the hashtag #edchatie.
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Hopefully, this will keep us motivated midweek or until the next #edchatie at least!

For me, there are so many amazing things about being an NQT.

  • You see your work and lessons in action. You plan for so long in college with lessons and ideas and as an NQT you get to cultivate these ideas and present them to a class group.
  • You are able to see what works / what doesn’t work in a classroom or what might work with one class group won’t work with another.
  • You can ask for advice / tips from other teachers. I love hearing what works and ideas I haven’t heard before. I was quite shy starting in the school but other teachers made this transition so easy and approached me. If you are struggling to find this, why not have a casual chat with maybe one teacher and see what happens from there. Usually teachers are willing to help. In any job when I see someone new starting or maybe a Teacher on Placement I always say to myself ‘Remember when you started’. This reminds me of the nervousness and anxiety I felt in a new school. You always want to help those when you remember how you felt at the beginning.
  • I love when a student understands something or makes a comment like ‘I finally get this’. It makes the job so intrinsically satisfying for me and I feel like I’ve done a little part of my job right.
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  • I am also really enjoying the National Induction Programme for Teachers (NIPT) workshops this year. To date, I have done seven workshops and I am really enjoying the experience to date. There is a range of helpful content covered including;
  • SSE and Planning
  • Child Protection
  • Inclusion
  • Assessment
  • Supporting Parents In Education
  • Evidence Based Behavioural Support
  • Literacy and Numeracy
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There is also great resources on the NIPT website in regards to classroom planning and more information which you can find here at Teacher Induction Resources. To book onto a workshop or for more information visit or your local education centre online will have all the information you will require!

I conclude this blog post with the question in which I hope some people will answer to What is your favourite thing about being a Newly Qualified Teacher?”

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I also found this article useful from the Guardian about Teaching Tips – Survival Guide for any NQT’s who may be reading this! 🙂

As always, let me know what you think 🙂

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