Safer Internet Day 2016

Today, Tuesday 9th February, is Safer Internet Day, which is an EU wide initiative to promote a safer internet for all users, especially young people. It is promoted by the PDST Technology in Education , Webwise and the Department of Education and Skills and was celebrated across many schools in Ireland today.


The call to action for Safer Internet Day 2016 is; “Play your part for a better internet” and  you can use the hashtags to share your plans, ideas and resources at #SID2016 and #Up2Us. You can also follow the Twitter handle @safeinternetday and explore the feed for ideas, information and inspiration on how to get involved for next year!


I found the interactive map on the Safer Internet Day website really useful because I was able to check out what other schools, youth groups and clubs were doing for SID 2016, especially schools close by. You could order bracelets for the school in advance and a resource pack for #SID2016. The website also had plenty of FREE online resources, video clips and activity plans laid out for all teachers and educators, to suit all ages and abilities.





With a second year class I teach, we planned for Safer Internet day and used the the FREE resources available to us. This included a new programme called Lockers that assists schools in coping with and preventing the sharing of explicit self-generated images of minors. It is intended for use with Junior Cycle SPHE classes. It has six full lesson plans and is still available on Webwise. We looked at video clips and completed worksheets in the lead up to Safer Internet day. The students loved the walking Debate and the Granny Rule activities which were all available for FREE on Webwise.

images (2)        Picture2


“If you wouldn’t show a picture to your granny then it probably shouldn’t be online!”

We also made a large Safer Internet day poster that hung in our school Front Hall all day. On this we put logos that represent our favourite things on the internet like Facebook, YouTube etc. and wrote out what we believed as important being safe online.


We also took a Safer Internet Day Super Selfie which we entered to the #Up2Us Safer Internet competition online.

image (22)

When we were taking our Super Selfie, we realised there was a Snapchat filter that also highlighted Safer Internet Day 2016.


There was also an announcement on the intercom this morning to inform the whole school about #SID2016, what it was all about, the name of the website and the competition in our school to celebrate #SID2016. I set up a Bookmark competition which was an opportunity for all students in all year groups to participate in. The students had to design a bookmark to promote positive and safe usage of the internet. There were so many entries and I found it very difficult to choose a winner but I will announce the winner tomorrow in school.


I also made a slideshow promoting Safer Internet Day 2016, which played in the Front Hall visible to all staff and students all day. You can download the FREE PowerPoint of it here SAFER INTERNET DAY 2016.

A website I found useful when planning for Safer Internet day was Watch Your Space. You can order a FREE #Up2Us Anti Bullying Kit for your school on the website. In the kit you’ll find:

  • activities for addressing bullying
  • colourful stickers and supplies for creating interactive poster campaigns
  • #Up2Us Anti-Bullying Teachers’ Handbook with Junior Cycle SPHE lesson ideas

Once you create an interactive poster using the kit or take another action to stop bullying in your school you can enter the #Up2Us competition for a chance to win some great prizes. The top prize is a Mini Music Festival for the group that does the most to promote anti-bullying attitudes. To get your free kit apply here. I have also left a copy of this in the staffroom for all teachers.

The UK Safer Internet Cafe #ShareAHeart campaign encouraged everyone to spread the love . They urged schools, organisations and individuals to take to social media and share their own heart filled messages, images or videos using the hashtag #shareaheart.  Whether it was a positive message in their specially designed heart signs, a post filled with heart emojis, or something more creative, the campaign wanted us all to play our part in Safer Internet Day 2016. You can download the #PlayYourPart #ShareAHeart worksheets here. Whether it’s playing games with your friends, learning new things and talking to family all around the world, Safer Internet Day is a chance to share the amazing things the internet has to offer. In class, students wrote their favourite things about the internet and we all shared and swapped ideas about this.


What I loved most about today was the Random Acts of Kindness idea that my second year students came up with. They wrote encouraging messages to one another on Post It notes and stuck these on lockers (below) in their homeroom/base classroom to celebrate and promote positivity and safe usage of the internet today.

Think Before You Click is another brilliant site designed for CSPE teachers with ten lesson plans, supporting documentation and resources for all students about online safety and promotes efficient and correct usage of the internet. It can be used at any stage and is a good introduction to the whole concept of Safer Internet Day.

You can still play your part and get involved in #SID2016 by sharing what you did for Safer Internet day 2016 over on Twitter using the handles @safeinternetday , @UK_SIC , @PDST_TechinEd , @Webwise_Ireland , @WatchYourSpace and dont forget to use the hashtags #SID2016 #Up2Us #PlayYourPart and #ShareAHeart to show everyone how your school played their part. There were some amazing ideas this year and it is definitely becoming bigger and better! Roll on SID 2017 !


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