About Me

Hello everyone and welcome to my new educational blog. I teach History and Religious Education in a secondary school in Meath. I am passionate about raising awareness about Mental Health and I have a strong interest in Mindfulness as well as Digital Technology.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Religious Education and History (BRelED) – 2nd level teaching from Mater Dei Institute of Education, Dublin and more recently I graduated with First Class honours in my Masters in Religion and Post Primary Education, also from Mater Dei.

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Within the Masters programme, I undertook modules in three strands

  • Digital Teaching and Learning
  • Mentoring and Leadership
  • Religious Education


I hope you enjoy my new educational blog and resources (set up in the Web 2.0 module in Digital Teaching and Learning as part of my Masters). I also contribute to our Masters class blog EdRe5s Resourcing the Curriculum where we upload resources and content for student teachers and Newly Qualified Teachers.

Please comment on any post to let me know what you think or if you find the resources helpful. You can always contact me directly via Twitter @5j16MsDignam.


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